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4. Membership

4.1. All ex-students who enrolled themselves in Department of Physics, Jhargram Raj College, and who has awarded a Bachelor degree in Physics by Vidyagar University, Midnapur by date of his/her membership application are eligible for membership to JRCPAA. Also, any ex-faculty member, ex-non-teaching staffs, existing students, and existing faculty members are eligible for membership as per Clause 5. Every intending member shall fill up the prescribed application form, and along with the relevant fee submitted to the registered office of JRCPAA at Jhargram Raj College or e-mail to JRCPAA. The decision to either accept or reject any application rests solely with the Executive Committee.

4.2. The membership application form as designed by the Executive Committee shall be available at the registered office of JRCPAA at Jhargram Raj College and JRCPAA's website.

4.3. The membership fee can be deposited in the form of cash or a valid Cheque to the JRCPAA's office or through the online bank transfer process.

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