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Step 1: The candidate (Alumni/ex-faculty/ex-non-teaching staff/existing student/existing faculty member/existing non-teaching staff/honorary member) should fill up the membership form  and submit the form along with the membership fees. The form may be submitted by hand to any JRCPAA executive committee members or through e-mail ( or online submission of scan copy of the membership form. The soft copy and the online application form are given below. 

Step 2: After receiving the complete filled-up form with proper signature, it will transfer to the Treasurer for his/her verification of the membership fees. The Treasurer will check if the membership fees (via Cash or Bank transfer) received or not. If the membership fees found OK, then the Treasurer will fill up the following part of the membership form and will sign with a money receipt number.

Step 3: After the approval of the Treasurer, the membership form will transfer to the Secretary of JRCPAA. Secretary will check if the candidate can be granted the membership or not as per JRCPAA rule and regulations. If necessary, Secretary may consult will the committee members. If the membership provided, the secretary will provide the membership number and sign with a stamp.


However, the executive committee of JRCPAA will have right not to accept the membership application submitted by a candidate if the committee found him/her not eligible as per the followings

  1. involvement in active political or religious activities

  2. Involvement in Anti-social activities

  3. Convicted of any offence and under judicial investigations

  4. Not submitted the full membership fees

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