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5. Membership Categories

Regular Membership- Rs. 300.00 per annum.
Anyone eligible for the membership, as per Clause 4, is eligible to become a regular member by paying the prescribed fee as determined by the Executive Committee. Currently, the fee is set at Rs. 200.00 per annum for any unemployed alumni.

5.2. Life Membership- One time Fees - Rs. 2,000.00
Anyone eligible for membership, as per Clause 4, is eligible to become a life member by paying as per Clause 4. The prescribed Life-Membership fee to be decided by Executive Committee JRCPAA.

5.3. Faculty Membership- Rs. 500.00 per annum
A faculty, who has served the Institute for at least one year and has paid the prescribed fees as determined by the Executive Committee of JRCPAA.

5.4. Honorary Membership - No fees
The Executive Committee may admit a person of eminence as an Honorary Member of JRCPAA if it feels that association of such a person is beneficial to the cause of the association. The donation will be accepted warmly. However, he/she shall have no voting rights. The Executive Committee will review validation of the continuation of such membership from time to time. The following shall be an honorary member:
1) The Principal of the Institute
2) HOD of Physics
3) All retired faculty and non-teaching staff members of Department of Physics who have served the Institute for more than five years
4) An eminent person honoured by the Institute

5.5. Student Membership-No fees
All existing students of the Department of Physics, Jhargram Raj College are eligible to become student members of JRCPAA. They are not required to pay any membership fees, but they will have no voting rights.

5.6. Alteration of a membership fee:
The Executive Committee will have the right to change the fee requirement at any time, for the different categories of membership, as deemed necessary.

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