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Aims & Objectives:

The association aims to enhance educational, social, and cultural development through a variety of activities such as lectures, symposia, conventions, workshops, literature, cultural programs, community services, awareness camps, and exchange programs for the alumni and students of the Department of Physics at Jhargram Raj College. The detailed objectives are outlined as follows:

  1. Foster vibrant interaction and networking among the alumni of the Department of Physics, Jhargram Raj College.

  2. Provide a platform for the exchange of educational and professional information among association members.

  3. Assist alumni in achieving their professional and societal goals.

  4. Organize lectures, scientific exhibitions, debates, discussions, seminars, and excursions to facilitate the dissemination of knowledge.

  5. Arrange regular reunions for alumni.

  6. Publish the annual magazine (Tachyon) and newsletters to showcase the association's activities and achievements.

  7. Offer educational resources, including textbooks (soft copy), video lectures, and class notes, to current Physics department students without remuneration, aiming to improve educational and professional standards, assist needy meritorious students, and contribute to the college's enhancement.

  8. Share knowledge and expertise for the mutual benefit of members and the college.

  9. Cultivate and maintain a cordial and reciprocal relationship with alumni, faculty, staff, and students of the Physics department at Jhargram Raj College.

  10. Engage in social initiatives, including scientific awareness campaigns in rural areas and supporting economically disadvantaged but academically promising students.

  11. Provide relief during natural calamities.

  12. Operate on a charitable basis and manage the association on a "no profit, no loss" principle.

  13. Undertake any acts, deeds, matters, or things deemed incidental or conducive to the mentioned objectives.

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