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Aims & Objectives:

 The association aims to enrich educational, social, and cultural development through a variety of initiatives, including lectures, symposia, conventions, workshops, literature, cultural programs, community services, awareness camps, and exchange programs for both members and students of the Department of Physics at Jhargram Raj College. The specific objectives are outlined as follows:

  1. Foster dynamic interaction and networking among alumni of the Department of Physics, Jhargram Raj College.

  2. Serve as a platform for the exchange of educational and professional information among association members.

  3. Support alumni in attaining their professional and societal goals.

  4. Organize lectures, scientific exhibitions, debates, seminars, and excursions to disseminate knowledge.

  5. Arrange regular annual reunions for alumni to reconnect.

  6. Publish magazines and newsletters, including the annual alumni magazine "Tachyon," to showcase association activities and accomplishments.

  7. Provide educational resources such as textbooks (in both digital and physical format), video lectures, and class notes to current Physics department students to enhance their educational and professional standards and assist deserving students.

  8. Share knowledge and expertise for the mutual benefit of members and the college community.

  9. Cultivate a warm and reciprocal relationship with alumni, faculty, staff, and students of the Jhargram Raj College Physics Department.

  10. Engage in social endeavors such as scientific awareness campaigns in rural areas and aiding deserving underprivileged students.

  11. Extend assistance during natural disasters such as floods, droughts, and earthquakes.

  12. Operate the association on a charitable basis, adhering to a "no profit, no loss" principle.

  13. Undertake any incidental or conducive actions necessary to achieve the aforementioned objectives.

    The functions and purposes of the society will be confined within the scope defined by the West Bengal Societies Registration Act 1961, regardless of any objectives stated in this document, in accordance with the provisions of the aforementioned section.

    All income and assets acquired by the society, regardless of their source, will be utilized exclusively to advance the objectives of the association. No portion of such income or assets shall be distributed among any members as profits.

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