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A Brief History


Our thoughts shape us; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves. ...Buddha

The inception of the Jhargram Raj College Physics Alumni Association, abbreviated as JRCPAA, can be likened to the explosive emergence of a singularity, analogous to the Big Bang. This transformative event occurred at 3:45 pm on December 18, 2015, within the seminar hall of Jhargram Raj College. A gathering of numerous alumni, the then Officer-in-Charge of Jhargram Raj College, current and former Heads of the Physics department, and other dignitaries, congregated to bid farewell to non-teaching staff, Mr. Shital Narayan Singha.

The foundational particles of this association, formed in the aftermath of this explosion, included prominent figures such as Prof. Anjan Chaki, Dr. Prabir Banerjee, Dr. Mrinal Kanti Hota, Dr. Sandipan Mallik, Mr. Swarup Ghosh, Mr. Shyamal Kr. Bhui, Mr. Pradip Maiti, Mr. Dipak Ranjan Mahata, Sk. Manwar Ali, Mr. Pratap Pal, Mr. Somen Mandal, Mr. Dhananjoy Bej, Mr. Manoj Dey, and many others.

The genesis of the alumni association stemmed from the mutual needs of academicians and professionals, with the goal of constructing a bridge between college life and career aspirations. This aimed to empower recent graduates to proactively navigate the challenges of the competitive professional world while also dedicating efforts to the underprivileged society of Jhargram, operating on a non-profit, no-loss basis. In this collaborative endeavor, both academia and professionals work hand in hand to assist each other in achieving shared objectives. The idea materialized into the formation of the Alumni Association, and the journey of expansion continues progressively.



On December 18, 2015, Friday, a pivotal decision was made to invite all former physics students for a reunion in the seminar hall, marking the inception of JRCPAA. The journey began with a profound emotional resonance. Under the leadership of Prof. Anjan Chaki, a constructive discussion unfolded, graced by the presence of Officer-in-Charge Dr. Nimai Chandra Masanta, the Head of the Physics Department, and both current and former students.

During this session, individuals such as Dr. Mrinal Kanti Hota, Pratap Pal, Somen Mandal, Sk. Manowar Ali, Dr. Sandipan Mallik, and other enthusiastic ex-students passionately emphasized the need for forming an Alumni Association. The discussion highlighted the humanitarian and social responsibility of physics alumni in the contemporary context of societal and educational service. Unanimously, everyone present in the meeting agreed to establish the association. The meeting extended into a detailed discussion on the aims and objectives of JRCPAA, leading to the unanimous selection of representatives from ex-students for various positions within the Executive committee of JRCPAA.

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