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2. Administrative Structure

2.1 The JRCPAA will be headed by Executive Committee, which is the Governing Body of the Association and those who constitute the Committee shall be elected following “Election Procedure” as laid down in this by-laws under Clause 10.

2.2. Executive Committee: This shall be the central decision-making body of JRCPAA, consisting of not less than seven members. The office-bearers of Executive Committee shall comprise President, Vice-President, Secretary, Joint Secretary, Treasurer, Joint Treasurer, and seven General Committee Members. The Office bearer and other Committee Members shall be elected at the annual general meeting (AGM). The resignation and removal of the Executive Committee members shall be dealt with as has been prescribed in the case of other members noted hereinbefore. The term of office of the Executive Committee shall ordinarily be two years unless it is dissolved/terminated early under unforeseen circumstances. After the election, the old Executive Committee will continue to function till the new Committee takes over charges which shall under no circumstances be more than 30 days from the date of the election. The primary responsibilities of the Executive Committee shall be as follows;

2.2.1. Will guide, monitor, and initiate all activities of the association and ensure that the Aims & Objectives are fulfilled.

2.2.2. Will frame policies and guidelines as required from time to time.

2.2.3. Will maintain a central data bank of all members, and update it as and when needed.

2.2.4. Will plan and implement projects in consultation with the HOD Physics and Principal Jhargram Raj College for the benefit of the college.

2.2.5. Will rise, control, and monitor funds collected and its proper expenditure.

2.3. Terms of Reference of various sub-committees:

2.3.1. Depending upon the necessity of smooth running of JRCPAA activities, it may necessitate forming subcommittees focusing or qualifying on a particular function e.g. on by-Laws, Codes of Conduct, Scholarships, Benevolent Funds, Global Meet and likewise many other additional functions where in-depth study and execution on that particular aspect is required.

2.3.2. The sub-committee should consist of 3 members of JRCPAA selected by the Executive Committee after investigating their capability to handle the job responsibly and efficiently. Experts in the specific field may be co-opted if necessary. Every individual in the subcommittee should have a proven record of accomplishment, great managers in their areas. Since finally, the Executive Committee is answerable to the members regarding their activity, the members chosen must-have in the impeccable record in ethical behaviour.

2.3.3. The terms of reference for each of the Sub-Committees should be explicitly written down by the Executive Committee and after detailed discussions and debate, to be presented by the President / Secretary, before the leader of the Sub-committee in the presence of other members, the terms of reference should contain objectives, timeframe, budget, authority, responsibility reporting, system etc. as decided by the Executive Committee depending upon the requirement to benefit JRCPAA. These Subcommittees will meet Executive Committee at regular interval to discuss and report on issues.

2.3.4. The Sub-committee shall report to the President of JRCPAA. The Secretary will do the co-ordination of activities. The treasurer should control the modalities of expenditure following the terms of reference.

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