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2. Administrative Structure

2.1 The leadership of the JRCPAA will be entrusted to the Executive Committee, serving as the authoritative body of the Association. The individuals forming this Committee will undergo election in accordance with the “Election Procedure” stipulated in these by-laws under Clause 10.

2.2. Executive Committee: This committee will serve as the principal decision-making entity within JRCPAA and must consist of no fewer than seven members. The Executive Committee will include key office bearers such as the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Joint Secretary, Treasurer, Joint Treasurer, Social Media Administrator, and four General Committee Members. These office bearers and committee members will be elected during the Annual General Meeting (AGM). As mentioned earlier, the procedures for the resignation and removal of Executive Committee members will follow the guidelines established for other members. The standard term of office for the Executive Committee is two years unless unforeseen circumstances necessitate an early dissolution or termination. Following the election, the outgoing Executive Committee will continue its functions until the new committee assumes responsibility, a transition period not exceeding 30 days from the date of the election. The primary responsibilities of the Executive Committee are outlined as follows:

2.2.1.    Strategic Guidance: The Executive Committee will provide strategic guidance, monitoring, and initiation for all activities within the association, ensuring alignment with the specified Aims and objectives.
2.2.2.    Policy Formulation: The Committee will actively frame policies and guidelines, adapting them as necessary to meet the evolving needs and dynamics of the association.
2.2.3.    Membership Data Management: Maintaining a centralized data bank of all members is a crucial responsibility, requiring regular updates to ensure accuracy and completeness.
2.2.4.    Project Planning and Implementation: Collaborating with the Head of the Department of Physics and the Principal of Jhargram Raj College, the Committee will strategically plan and execute projects that contribute to the overall benefit of the college.
2.2.5.    Financial Oversight: The Committee will be responsible for raising, controlling, and monitoring funds collected by the association, ensuring their proper and transparent expenditure in line with established guidelines.

These responsibilities collectively aim to ensure effective governance, strategic development, and the fulfillment of the association's objectives under the stewardship of the Executive Committee.

2.3. Terms of Reference of various sub-committees:

2.3.1.    In response to the imperative need for the seamless operation of JRCPAA activities, there may arise a requirement to establish subcommittees with specialized focus or expertise in specific functions. These functions could include areas such as By-Laws, Codes of Conduct, Scholarships, Benevolent Funds, Global Meets, and various other supplementary functions. The formation of these subcommittees is essential for conducting in-depth studies and executing precise actions related to each specific aspect.

2.3.2.    The sub-committee is to be composed of 5 members from JRCPAA, meticulously chosen by the Executive Committee based on a thorough assessment of their capability to responsibly and efficiently handle the assigned tasks. In cases where expertise is essential, experts in the specific field may be co-opted. Each member of the subcommittee is expected to possess a distinguished track record, demonstrating excellence in their respective fields of management. As the Executive Committee is ultimately accountable to the members for the subcommittee's activities, it is imperative that the selected members have an impeccable record of ethical behavior.

2.3.3.    The Executive Committee is responsible for clearly articulating the terms of reference for each Sub-Committee. After thorough discussions and debates, the President or Secretary will present the terms of reference to the leader of the Sub-Committee in the presence of other members. These terms of reference will encompass objectives, timeframe, budget, authority, responsibility reporting, systems, and other relevant details as determined by the Executive Committee based on the specific needs to benefit JRCPAA. Regular meetings between these Subcommittees and the Executive Committee will be held to facilitate discussions and comprehensive reporting on pertinent issues.

2.3.4.    The Sub-committee is required to report its findings and progress directly to the President of JRCPAA. The coordination of activities within the Sub-committee will be overseen by the Secretary. In terms of expenditure, the Treasurer will assume control, ensuring compliance with the established terms of reference and guidelines.

2.4.    Coordinator of the association: The role of Coordinator within JRCPAA presents a unique and nuanced position. Whether the Coordinator is a part of the Executive Committee remains to be determined. This individual plays a pivotal role in the association, primarily focused on enhancing communication, fostering collaboration, and ensuring the seamless operation of activities among members and diverse stakeholders. Here are some key responsibilities and functions:

2.4.1.    Communication Facilitation:
•    Serve as one of the central points of contact for members and stakeholders.
•    Hold meetings among the executive committee and other JRCPAA members for the betterment of the association.
•    Disseminate information, updates, and announcements to association members (In the situation of executive committee non-functional).
•    Coordinate communication between different sub-committees within the association (In addition to the executive committee).

2.4.2.    Event Coordination (if executive committee non-functional):
•    Organize and coordinate association events, meetings, and conferences.
•    Liaise with vendors, sponsors, and participants to ensure successful events.
•    Oversee logistics, scheduling, and other event-related details.

2.4.3.    Membership Support:
•    Assist in the recruitment and retention of association members.
•    Address member inquiries and concerns.
•    Maintain accurate membership records and databases.

2.4.4.    Committee Support:
•    Collaborate with various committees within the association.
•    Assist in the coordination of committee meetings and activities.
•    Ensure that committee goals align with the overall objectives of the association.

2.4.5.    Advocacy and Outreach:
•    Represent the association in external communications.
•    Engage with external stakeholders, government bodies, and related organizations.
•    Advocate for the interests and goals of the association.

2.4.6.    Problem Resolution:
•    Address conflicts or issues within the association.
•    Mediate disputes and work towards amicable resolutions.

2.4.7.    Strategic Planning:
•    Contribute to the development and implementation of the association's strategic plan.
•    Provide input on goals, objectives, and initiatives.

2.4.8.    Technology and social media:
•    Utilize technology and social media platforms for effective communication.
•    Manage the association's online presence and engagement.

2.4.9.    Continuous Improvement:
•    Identify opportunities for process improvements and efficiency.
•    Gather feedback from members and stakeholders to enhance association operations.

2.4.10.    Holding 'special' Meetings of the association:
•    Interact with various members of JRCPAA, including current and former students, faculty, and staff. Organize brainstorming sessions, both in small group settings and with the entire community, to foster collaborative idea generation and discussion.
•    Initiate the convening of meetings for the Executive Committee and Advisory Body in instances of disputes within the Executive Committee, such as conflicts among committee members, non-functionality of the Secretary and Joint-Secretary, or any other emergency situation.


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