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13. Executive Committee

13.1. To summon the Annual General Body meetings & Extra-ordinary General Body meetings.

13.2. To circulate to all members the agenda for General Body meetings. Notice and agenda of such meetings must be circulated at least six weeks in advance.

13.3. To propose amendments to the Charter of the Association and get it ratified by the General Body.

13.4. Plan & execute Development Projects and Programs for improvement of the college in consultation with the HOD of Physics and Principal, Jhargram Raj College.

13.5. Fix subscription rates for the Regular & Life members.

13.6. Create a Central Data Bank of all members, and periodically update it.

13.7. Encourage and support the formation of Regional Chapters all across the Globe.

13.8. Publish a JRCPAA's annual magazine (Tachyon), and maintain a Website.

13.9. To arrange and conduct the Annual General Body meeting and get-together of all members at Jhargram Raj College premises.

13.10. To raise and manage funds needed to meet the goals of the association.

13.11. To be the custodian of all movable and immovable properties and other assets of the association.

13.12. To establish administrative, procedural systems, regulations, and norms required for managing the association.

13.13. To establish procedural systems, regulations, and norms for Fiscal Discipline.

13.14. To appoint Sub-Committees with such power and responsibilities as may be necessary for the planning and execution of projects. The President, Secretary, and Treasurer will be ex-officio members of such subcommittees.

13.15. Liaise with the Government and other statutory bodies.

13.16. To operate Bank A/C in the name of the association. This account will be operated jointly by the treasurer and joint treasurer.

13.17. To establish a proper accounting system, and present audited accounts to the annual general body meeting for ratification.

13.18. To appoint Auditors and fix their remuneration.

13.19. To incur such expenditure as may be required for the fulfilment of goals and objectives of the association.

13.20. To appoint a Presiding Officer for election/selection of a new Executive Committee.

13.21. The term of the Executive Committee shall be approximately for two years.

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