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11. Removal of Elected Member

If the majority of the Executive Committee Members feel that a permanent member (including the President) of the Executive Committee should be removed, a vote will be taken at the Executive Committee Meeting on that issue. If the majority of the members vote in favour of the removal, the President will be bound to call a Special General Meeting. If the charges are to remove the President, then it will be the responsibility of the Secretary to call for the Special General Meeting. The procedure for holding such meeting should follow Clause 15 of the registered Regulation under heading “General Meetings.” At that meeting, the President/Secretary shall call for a resolution to remove the member in question. A debate needs to be conducted, and the member in question must be given chances to defend himself/herself. At the end of the debate, a vote will be taken. At least two-third of the attendees must vote in favour of the action before a member can be removed. At least 50% of the registered voters, who were present at the election where the person was elected, must be present at the special meeting to legitimize the voting process.

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