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Aims & Objectives:

          The aims of the association shall be the enhancement of educational, social, and cultural development through lectures, symposia, conventions, workshops, literature, cultural programs, different kinds of community services and awareness camp, exchange programmes for the alumni and the students of Department of Physics, Jhargram Raj College. Details are as follows;

i. To act as a vibrant forum that promotes interaction and networking among the Alumni of Department of Physics, Jhargram Raj College.

ii. To provide a medium for an exchange of educational and professional information within the members of the association.

iii. To help alumni achieve their professional and societal goals.

iv. To arrange and organize lectures, scientific exhibitions, debates, discussion, seminars and excursion for the diffusion of knowledge.

v. To organize and arrange reunions at regular interval.

vi. To publish the annual magazine (Tachyon) of the association and newsletters highlighting the activities and achievements of the association.

vii. To provide resources to the existing students of Physics department, without remuneration, in the form of textbooks (soft copy), video lectures and class notes to improve Educational and Professional standards, help and support needy meritorious students, and strive for improvement of the college.

viii. To unfurl knowledge and know-how for the mutual benefits of the members as well as for the benefits of the college.

ix. To develop and maintain a cordial and reciprocal relationship with the Alumni members, faculty members, staff and students of Jhargram Raj College Physics department.

x. To involve in social works such as scientific awareness campaigning in the rural area, helping poor meritorious students.

xi. To render relief to the suffering in time natural calamities.

xii. To function on a charitable basis, and to run the association on "no profit no loss" basis;

xiii. To do all such acts, deeds, matters, and things as may be deemed incidental or conducive to the objectives mentioned above.

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